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Global Aika - Origin Guild

origin, global, aika, guild


We are Elegance; a guild for the North American version of Aika Online.

lenaria, elegance, aika, guild, clan


Gaming Guild for AIKA

syndicate, gaming, guild, aika

Cursed Forum

The Cursed forum for Cursed!

guild, aika, neosteam, forum, rawr

TheGuild (Aika Online)

TheGuild Official Forum

theguild, #(aika, official, forum

Nuts about aika

game forum for eminence of akia

nuts, about, aika, game, forum, eminence, akia

Blessed Knights

Home of Blessed Knights everywhere!

mmorpg, games, blessed, knights, guilds, legions, shaiya, aion, aika

Excio Forums

Forums for the Aika guild Excio in Ostyrion

excio, forums, aika, guild, ostyrion

Sovereign Legion

Sovereign legion is a global multi-gaming guild.

sovereign, community, gaming, guild, global, aika, multi-gaming, wars, forsaken, world, legion, eligium


Aika's Ragnarok

ragnarok, aika's


A Friendly Community! Join us if your playing Forsaken World or Aika Global!

aeislegion, forsaken, world, aika, global


An Aika Online guild.

soldier, aika, guild


Unbalanced Aika

unbalanced, aika

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