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Global Aika - Origin Guild

origin, global, #aika, guild


We are Elegance; a guild for the North American version of Aika Online.

lenaria, elegance, #aika, guild, clan


Gaming Guild for AIKA

syndicate, gaming, guild, #aika

Cursed Forum

The Cursed forum for Cursed!

guild, #aika, neosteam, forum, rawr

TheGuild (Aika Online)

TheGuild Official Forum

theguild, (aika, official, forum

Nuts about aika

game forum for eminence of akia

nuts, about, #aika, game, forum, eminence, akia

Blessed Knights

Home of Blessed Knights everywhere!

mmorpg, games, blessed, knights, guilds, legions, shaiya, aion, #aika

Excio Forums

Forums for the Aika guild Excio in Ostyrion

excio, forums, #aika, guild, ostyrion

Sovereign Legion

Sovereign legion is a global multi-gaming guild.

sovereign, community, gaming, guild, global, #aika, multi-gaming, wars, forsaken, world, legion, eligium


Aika's Ragnarok

ragnarok, aika's


A Friendly Community! Join us if your playing Forsaken World or Aika Global!

aeislegion, forsaken, world, #aika, global


An Aika Online guild.

soldier, #aika, guild


Unbalanced Aika

unbalanced, #aika

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